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Trying to decide if now is the right time to make the move you know has to be made at some point? When it comes time to move from your cherished home of many years, you can have a professional to help you who has experience and specialized training in helping Seniors make one of the most important decisions of their life. Craig LaMar can guide you through all of your many choices with knowledge, experience, patience and honest answers so your decision on whether to go or stay is one that you and your family can make that is in your best interests. 

Listening to Your Needs

 Over the years you've accumulated memories and memorabilia that you treasure. Now you're faced with simplifying and letting go of things you never considered living without. And it's painful.  Before you NEED to move and decide about what to take or what to leave or what to give away, it is beneficial to make some of the decisions in advance of the stress of making a move while you have more control and less stress. Craig and his professional associates make sure you feel confident and educated every step of the way.    

A Network of Caring Professionals

My colleagues and I have formed Seniors On The Move. We are a team of certified caring professionals who come together to support Seniors at every turn, whether it's someone to pack and move you, or someone to help you decide about financing a new place to live or selling your current home. If you have questions about legal matters or working with a retirement community, I can help you connect with the right Seniors On The Move professional to assist you. 

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As we age our lifestyle needs and goals change. We discover that we have unique needs different from the rest of the adult population.  As a Senior himself, Craig understands the questions you have about making changes in later life and can help you make the best decisions about your future lifestyle needs. Do we stay in our home and age in place? Or do we go? And whether we stay or go what services are available as we age? 

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